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The Sailwish Foundation




Stichting Vaarwens (Wish to Sail Foundation) gives terminal patients and their family an unforgettable day by navigating the Dutch IJsselmeer.


The ship Meander V - a completely refurbished ex pilot ship and also home to initiators Evert & Inge - is perfectly adjusted for stretchers and wheelchairs. Continued sponsoring is needed to keep this unique ship sailing.

A special day on a special ship

Since 2007, Stichting Vaarwens (the Wish To Sail Foundation) has been sailing the Dutch IJsselmeer, taking terminally ill people out for an unforgettable day with their family and/or close friends.

Our guests are often confined to a wheelchair, or undergoing care in a hospital or hospice. Transportation by ambulance and/or medical care can be provided if required.

'Vaarwens' has sailed the Dutch waters with hundreds of people in a similar situation. A visual overview can be found here:

This officially registered foundation only works with experienced volunteers; the ship has been completely adapted to accommodate wheelchairs and stretchers. The whole day is completely free of charge, and catering is provided.

Are you touched by this concept?

You can help us to keep this ship sailing!

 To donate is very easy with just one click on the red button on your mobile, tablet or PC. Any amount will be well spent!

To register for a day sailing the IJsselmeer yourself (or on behalf of someone you know), please fill in the registration form . We will contact you within 24 hours.

The story behind the ship:
After careers as an orthopedic specialist and natural health practitioner, 'Vaarwens' founders Evert and Inge decided to sail the Northern waters on their rebuilt pilot ship. In 2007 - to give their lives more meaning - they started providing unforgettable days out for terminally ill people and their loved ones. Throughout the year, they live in various ports around the IJsselmeer such as Amsterdam, Monnickendam, Muiden and Kampen.


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ANBI - Algemeen nut beogende instelling -

Vanaf 1-1-2008 zijn giften gedaan aan goeddoelinstellingen aftrekbaar van het belastbaar inkomen als de instelling aangemerkt is als algemeen nut beogende instelling (anbi). Met de zoekfunctie van de Belastingdienst* dient u voordat u een schenking doet te controleren of (de door u gedane) schenkingen aftrekbaar zijn. Vanzelfsprekend dient de schenking aan een anbi ook te voldoen aan alle overige eisen van de Belastingdienst.